Red Devil Grill by Quantum

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Red Devil Grill by Quantum

Red Devil Grill by Quantum
The Red Devil Grill by Quantum is constructed with top-of-the-line components that give you the durability of traditional stationary grills and the lightweight convenience of the portable ones. The Red Devil Grill's Space Age metal construction, plus a baked-enamel finish that won't crack or peel, gives you the strength and durability to last for years while remaining light enough to carry anywhere, anytime. And while the elements take their toll on traditional grills, The Red Devil's Grill by Quantum unique collapsible tripod legs fold up in seconds so you can store it under cover for extra protection.

The possibilities with The Red Devil Grill by Quantum are simply endless. This is no ordinary grill! It's a full-featured barbecue grill that charbroils your favorite hot dogs, burgers, steaks, chops, and chicken, giving you the great taste of charcoal grilling, the convenience of gas, and the versatility of a multi-burner stove and oven.

It's a camping stove that lets you do a whole lot more than boil water. It's a giant heated serving tray that moves safely and quickly from burner to table. It's an extra-large cordless hot plate that keeps your cooked food warm for hours. Its oversized Super Skillet replaces an entire set of cookware with its stay-cool handles and four different heat levels operating simultaneously. Add the Instant Oven SuperDome, and you've got a portable oven to steam, bake, roast, smoke or poach. You name your cooking desire--The Red Devil Grill by Quantum can do it all.

So, what's the secret to this extraordinary grill? There are three outstanding features worth highlighting. First, The Red Devil's Grill by Quantum no-hassle assembly that will have you cooking in minutes. Simply snap open the quick-lock legs, lock the top in place, attach a disposable propane bottle (available in most hardware stores), and you are cooking in seconds! The Red Devil assembles immediately with NO TOOLS, and then folds up just as easily. Besides saving you time, The Red Devil Grill by Quantum can also save you valuable money by using less gas for maximum fuel efficiency, allowing you to get the same cooking power of those large, clumsy gas tanks in a lightweight, portable propane bottle--and one small tank can last for hours!

A second significant feature is the parabolic shape of the 350 square-inch Super Skillet. It's specifically designed to help spread the flame across and up the side of the cooker, creating several unique heat zones that help make you a better cook. It deflects the flame outward from the burner, creating a slightly cooler "safety zone" in the middle of the pan to help prevent burning. The outer edges are perfect for keeping foods warm while cooking other dishes near the center. The hottest areas are just above the safety zone so your food only touches the hottest areas while you are tending to it. So, incredibly, if you get called away or don't want to bother stirring it, your food will naturally gravitate to the center where it will simmer softly and will not be as likely to scorch or burn! Plus, its large cooking area permits you to cook huge meals for your entire family with no more hot spots or wasted space, allowing you to have all of your food hot, delicious, and ready to eat at exactly the same time.

A third remarkable characteristic is the drip vaporizing system of The Red Devil's Grill Radiant Heat Plate, something usually found only on much more expensive gas grills. By instantly vaporizing fat and drippings, you virtually eliminate dangerous flare-ups, grease fires, and burnt or charred food! The Red Devil takes extra precautions to ensure your safety.

With its advanced technology and extreme versatility, it's an understatement to say that with The Red Devil Grill by Quantum, you'll be cooking outside as you never have before! The star of a campsite, tailgate party or even a small apartment balcony, Red Devil goes where you go to grill food to perfection.

The Red Devil Grill by Quantum Features:

Red Devil Unit with Collapsible Quick-Release Tripod Stand for Easy Storage
Radiant Heat Plate with Drip Vaporizing Action
Oversized 350 Square-Inch Super Skillet with Stay-Cool Handles
Table-Safe Serving Trivet to Protect Table Surface
Two-Way Reversible Heavy Duty Grill Offering Two Cooking Heights
Grill Guide and Weatherproof Recipe Book Full of Instructions and Mouth-Watering Recipes
Heavy-Duty Carry Bag to Hold The Red Devil Grill by Quantum and Accessories
Specially Designed Pouch for Holding 2 Disposable Propane Bottles (Bottles Not Included) High Dome Lid for Cooking Chickens, Turkeys & more

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